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9 Ways to Get Healthier in 2024 Without Trying Very Hard brought to you by NPR

So often I make resolutions that I can't keep. Getting healthier is always top on my list. Since 43 I have just gained weight and on occasion had limited success in losing weight. I have tried a multitude of options which yielded minor and never permanent results. Last year I decided to be easy on myself, give my self time and just make minor tweaks along the way. Much to my surprise I have been trending lower for a year. Nothing drastic. Nothing that limits my enjoyment of life, just small healthier tweaks. I also forgive myself if I take a moment off. It has made me so much happier. When I saw this article, I wanted to share it. No one needs to adopt everything. The list is too long but small tweaks worked for me. I hope that this gives you ideas on how to tackle something that you would like to do. "Baby steps, baby steps" is my favorite quote from the movie What About Bob! When I feel overwhelmed, that is what I say to myself to keep me going. Wishing all of you a Happy New Year and baby steps to keep you moving in the direction that you hope to. Be well!

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