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Updated: May 11, 2023

After breaking my leg at the knee, I am focusing on how to move forward and not to dwell on the error that I made to cause this. Now that my recovery has lasted one month and is going to continue for at least 6 weeks, I am trying to find ways to keep moving forward. I traditionally take great pleasure in being outside and just watching and listening to the constantly changing scene. That hasn't happened for sometime now. I do like to sit by the window, read books and have set up my painting easel but something that has given me great and instantaneous pleasure are my scented lotions and soaps that I grabbed at our store. Whenever I need a smile or a pick me up, I grab my Volcano lotion and it is instant gratification and instantly I feel better. If I am lucky enough to be at the sink where I placed my Volcano hand wash, it brings a smile to my face. My Nest diffusers and candles makes me so happy now. I no longer take them for granted. Scents also bring great memories. It is the perfect gift so that when a loved one smells that scent, they think of the love that they share for the one who gave it to them. It is a hug that lasts past the time of your physical presence. This is a bit of a plug for our store, but our good friend is a therapist and is all about treating your mind body and spirit with kindness in everyway possible and aroma therapy does not need to be reserved for the expensive and time consuming splash out at the spa, it can be part of your daily routine of washing hands, or waking up and using lotion or treating yourself to a nearby diffuser or candle. Be kind and forgiving to all but also to yourself. I would love to hear about your tips. Be well, Rene

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