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Sometimes life chooses a time to slow down

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

As some of you may have noticed, I have been mostly absent from the store. On April 2nd, I broke my leg. I didn't realize it was a break. I thought it was just a twisty painful fall. I had surgery last week and the mend and rebuild is beginning. I know this will be a long road but I don't want a redo and I want the best results and so I am playing by the book.

I know that I cannot march down the path of self condemnation, for that is a slippery one. I am trying to see the beauty and opportunity. The most difficult part is watching those around me having to pick up my slack. To them I am forever grateful. I have received so many caring acts in all form. Thank you to all ❤️

I am stopping to smell the roses. I carefully watch out my window as spring unfolds before my eyes. I now have time to read a book. I ordered paints because it was something that I used to love doing when I had spare time and I just happen to have spare time right now. I am making my list of things that I can do.

But perhaps the lessons that I have learned are lessons of the heart. People have stopped their lives to cook for me, send a note of encouraging words, sent many caring expressions to brighten my day and the busiest people I know have made time to care for me and make certain that I am safe and help Teri with the store.

I look forward to when I am back, I will try to find ways to enhance the road to wellville, but most of I will store the memories of love and caring.

Thank you. Be kind to Teri.



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