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Is this your earring?  We found this in the store, please help us reunite this with its owner


What's Up At The Market: 
Our Beatriz Ball order finally arrived--just in time for shower and wedding gifts and just to add to any celebration!  The beauty of Beatriz Ball is that it can go formal or casual and in the oven or in the freezer!

Teri and I are continuing to stock the store with old and new to make each trip in the store a treasure hunt!  Stop by and see us on your way to the vineyard, the canal or any of those great summer locations.  Our map of great ideas are ready at the store and we are officially on Sunflower watch!  We are excited about the sunflowers in our garden too.  And our postcard of Potomac is going back up for a cute photo op for your weekend activities or out of town guests.  

Our discount tent is still up and we keep putting additional items underneath.

Remember to take a moment to breath deeply, listen softly, and see the beauty in each day even on those days when it is just making it through to try again tomorrow.

 Stay well.  Wishing you love, laughter and good health.  You have all become such a wonderful part of our lives.  Thank you for taking part in our dream.

Rene and Teri
Shop Hours:
Friday Noon-3:00
Saturday noon-5:00
Sunday noon-4:00

 Refresh, Renew and Embrace!

Shopping Options are Plentiful--First, call us! 301-807-9945 we are happy to find the right option for you!
Enjoy, Enhance, Embrace, Love
Thank you, 
Teri and Rene


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