Above the Clouds

 Welcome 2022

Sometimes, you may have noticed, that I forget to update our website.  We have fully changed out of holiday mode and are thinking of feathering our nests for the winter but also preparing for spring!  Along with some super unique home decor, we have been loading up on galantines, valentines, and guylentines gifts of course we always have great self gifting ideas too!
Visit us and take a break.  We are so happy to be back.
 Stay well.  Wishing you love, laughter and good health.  You have all become such a wonderful part of our lives.  Thank you for helping to get our dream through another year.
Sending our sincerest affection,
Rene and Teri
Shop Hours:
Friday Noon-3:00
Saturday and Sunday Noon -5:00

 Refresh, Renew and Embrace!

Schedule your private shop with friends and family now! We are loving the ideas our co-hosts are coming up with.
Please feel free to request outdoor check out or curbside pick-up.

Shopping Options are Plentiful--First, call us! 301-807-9945 we are happy to find the right option for you!
Enjoy, Enhance, Embrace, Love
Thank you, 
Teri and Rene

Introducing our newest product line!!
"Sea Bags are born as sails and transformed into nautically inspired totes and accessories for your favorite sailor or beach lover!


Snowy Night
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