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I Am Thankful....

Last week I went to Virginia Beach to send my son, Redfield, off on one more deployment. It will mean, not being able to celebrate another birthday with him, nor Thanksgiving or Christmas but we have done this before. We had so much fun as we shopped at Target for deployment supplies, had a special dinner and saw a movie and made a plan to celebrate when he returns home. I am Thankful. Teri took care of the Market while I was away. I am Thankful. Upon my return, I needed to go to California. My sister had to call 911 and get my mom to the hospital. My sister, my niece and I went to work. The good news is that we brought mom home. Not to her old home, but a new home. My sister opened up her love filled home up to our mom. I am Thankful. My nephew came down to be there with us and make us laugh. I am Thankful. My niece was there to figure out all new equipment and help us in every other way. I am Thankful. Teri took care of the Market again. I am Thankful. The week that was filled with sadness and worry was also filled love and happiness. Sometimes (or should I say often times) things don't work out the way you had hoped but the richness of experiences, even in the difficult times, fills your heart with love. I am Thankful. My cup runneth over.

Wishing all of you rich experience that will fill your heart. Happy Thanksgiving.

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